Drop Bear Playtesting


Welcome fellow campers, so glad you made it here for orientation. please pay attention as the Aussie bush is not to be trifled with. So, I'm sure you've all heard of snakes, spiders, and crocs, but for some reason, the deadliest creature in the bush is rarely mentioned, so let start with that, Drop bears. 


Organised, casual, and blind playtesting and will be coordinated via the Platypus Industries discord channel. Also Rules discussions.
So join today and become part of the Platypus Industries community.


Read the prototype rulebook. Filled with all sorts of handy information it will defiantly assist any would-be tourist to increase their chances of survival. 

Solo Rules now included. 

Feedback required: 

      • Clarity or rules
      • Clarity of diagrams
      • consistency of language

Play the advanced prototype of the game. Using tabletop simulator (software download & steam account required). The tabletop simulator version is scripted for easy game setup and user interface. 

The rulebook is included in the simulator.


Download Tabletop simulator


Feedback required: 

  • General gameplay
  • Death toll value
  • drop bear actions and abilities 
  • survival points 
  • camper special abilities


    Finished your game? Got some feedback, questions, or suggestions? Please take the time to fill out the feedback form.