Drop Bears

Survival Horror in the Australian Bush

The Australian Bush is a dangerous place at night. And as if spiders and snakes weren't enough, another horror is on the loose: Drop Bears infest the dark - Hideous koala-like beasts dropping from gum trees, eager to consume human flesh.

This is where the game drops you in, an inexperienced group of tourist campers ventured into the night. Your objective: Survive until dawn.
Drop Bears is a cooperative game where the Campers have to carefully choose actions every turn to stay alive, while the whole Australian Bush is on a hunt for them. The group can choose of several different options such as:
Explore and Run, allowing the Campers to place new map tiles and attempt to keep the lurking hunger beasts at arm's length.
Definitely they will need to Rest and Heal, which will give them a chance to patch up and recoup their most essential resources.
Finally Search and Endeavour will hopefully lead them to find much needed survival resources.
All these are tools to ensure as many campers as possible survive until dawn. While doing so, the game drops the hideous creatures right on them, attacking and terrorising the Campers in every turn.

Even the very landscape and environment will batter the poor Campers – They can become severely wounded; this will surely hamper their chance for survival. 
Each time a camper is eaten, that player will select another camper from those available, but every death brings the Drop Bears closer to victory, so don't let your humans die in vain. With no weapons, campers must band together, scavenge gear and use their wits if they ever hope to survive until dawn.





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