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Pledging for the "Retailer Pledge" is a deposit that gives you access to the post kickstarter Pledge Manager. You will get the reduced retailer price (−50%). 

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The Retailer Pledge Deposit reward amount includes a down payment of $100AUD ($70US±); you will pay the remaining via the Pledge Manager once it is online payments will be taken up until the freight is loaded.

Minimum Order

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You could also choose in the Pledge Manager to add additional copies of Drop Bears at case quantity 1 case (6 per case) of Drop Bears. 

  • Expansions must also be purchased in Case qty (6 per case)
  • Add-Ons must also be purchased in Case qty (6 per case)

Are Retailers treated as backers?

Yes! All Drop Bears games, expansions and additional products will be eligible to receive all stretch goals, bonuses and promos listed in the kickstarter. 

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Important: Shipments to the European Union, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and China benefit from “Shipping Friendly” service, which is to say that backers in these countries do not have to pay import taxes!

Coordonated Delivery

We will do our best in order to arrange the delivery dates so that all backers (shops included) will receive their order mostly at the same time.


A clear and complete PDF invoice will be sent to you right after the Pledge Manager has been closed. Do not forget that if your order is shipped by a distributor, if the shipment is not free, the distributor will also send you an invoice for only shipping (see both sections just above).


MSRP: $79.00 AUD
Box size: 300x 300x 80mm

The Australian Bush is a dangerous place at night. And as if spiders and snakes weren’t enough, another horror is on the loose: Drop Bears infest the dark - hideous koala-like beasts dropping from gum trees, eager to consume human flesh.

This is where the game drops you in, an inexperienced group of Campers ventured into the night. Your objective: survive until dawn.

Drop Bears is a cooperative game where the Campers have to carefully choose actions every turn to stay alive, while the whole Australian Bush hunts them down. The group can choose from several different options such as:

Scout and Run, allowing the Campers to place new map tiles and attempt to keep the hunting hunger beasts at arm’s length at bay.

They will need to Rest and Heal, which will give them a chance to patch up and recoup their most essential resources.

Finally, Search and Endeavour will hopefully lead them to find much-needed survival resources dawn.


MSRP: $49.00 AUD
Box size: 290x 145x 90mm

Details in Kickstarter Update: UPDATE #5

Congratulations, with this expansion you have made life even more miserable for yourselves. A rarer and more dangerous predator now stalks for the lives of your Campers. As if the fight for survival in the Australian bush wasn’t hard enough, they now stumble across a huge specimen of the Drop Bears: Ol’Bruce. His great clawed hands are easily able to grip large prey such as Kangaroos or even humans The group of campers can then decide whether to leave their pitiful colleague in the monster’s grip or rescue them. However, this time they have to bring the fight to the monster in order to make it through the night…

This expansion is all about the titanic Drop Bear of legend, Ol’Bruce. He resides hidden deep within the Australian bush. This Drop Bear has its own set of rules, abilities and a unique board. To win, the Campers this time need to slay the beast.

MSRP: $35.00 AUD
Box size: 240x130x 75mm

Details in Kickstarter Update: UPDATE #10

The Campers have stumbled upon the ancient and forgotten lair of a creature thought lost to time. Surviving in isolation from the outside world. It’s a creature that does not welcome intruders.

One player will have the chance to play as Ancient Oonah a giant prehistoric platypus and the others player against him and of course, the Drop Bears, who hunt everyone.