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The Ratcatcher, the solo adventure game

Step into the shoes of the Ratcatcher, an unlikely figure tasked with saving the Kingdom of Brie from a devastating rat plague in this award-winning solo board game. Armed with your skills and cunning, you must navigate through a treacherous cityscape, battling hordes of rats and ultimately confronting the fearsome Nemesis Rat. The game offers plenty of tactical choices and an ever-growing swarm of rats, making every playthrough a fresh and exciting challenge. As you gather the coveted magic cheese, you race against the clock to stem the tide of the rat infestation.

The Ratcatcher provides a deeply engaging and challenging experience that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. This dedicated solo game features automated rat swarms and town expansion mechanics, ensuring near-endless variation and replayability. With six variant Ratcatchers, each bringing their unique flavour to the fight, and four Nemesis Rats with their own insidious twists, the game offers a rich and dynamic adventure every time you play. The sparkly magic cheese tokens add a touch of whimsy to this intense battle for survival.

So grab your magic cheese and cage, put on your best boots, and prepare to take on the rats. The Ratcatcher is not just a game; it’s an epic quest that will test your strategy and resolve as you strive to save the Kingdom of Brie from its rodent foes.
Are you ready for the challenge?

The core box set contains everything you need to play this cheese-filled solo adventure game.




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